Goals of the project

Falls are a major health problem for older adults, through both immediate effects: fractures and head injuries and longer term problems: disability, fear of falling and loss of independence.
The main goal of  WIISEL (Wireless Insole for Independent and Safe Elderly Living) has been to develop a flexible research tool to collect and analyze gait data from real users and correlate parameters related with the risk of falls from the elderly population. Coordinated by CETEMMSA, it was co-funded by the European Commission (FP7-ICT) for 3 years, with 3.9 M€ budget and 8 partners from 6 different countries.

The potential utility and impact of using the WIISEL system on the research and clinical community is the following:

  • Allowing for remote and quantitative assessment of a user’s fall risk
  • Measuring activity and mobility in daily living conditions
  • As a clinical assessment tool, allowing its useas part of any research and assessment of gait parameters.
  • Enabling the early identification of functional mobility decline in performance (i.e. assessment of motor fluctuations and disease progression)
  • Enabling fall detection in the home setting