News & Events

  • The WIISEL Consortium held its final dissemination event during the EU
    Falls Festival! See Picture

    The 1st European Union Falls Festival (EUFF) was held at the
    Robert-Bosch-Krankenhaus Atrium, Stuttgart, Germany, 24th-25th March 2015.
    The theme for the 2015 Festival is "Technology in the prediction, detection
    and prevention of falls".

    WIISEL was presented in specific workshops and had a booth during the 2
    days, where demonstrations of the insole system were shown.

    See the event details at:

  • 1st October: International Day of Older Persons. The WIISEL Consortium wants to raise awareness among older people, their relatives and organisations working with older people that falls can be predicted and prevented. Click here

  • WIISEL partners are involved in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, through the EIP-AHA Action on Falls Prevention, and the two fall prevention networks: E-NO FALLS and ProFounD

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  • Click here to see the dissemination activities carried out by the consortium in Year 2! WIISEL has been presented at ISPGR, ICAMPAM, EU Congress on Innovations in Textiles for Health Care, etc.

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  • In the last months, the first prototypes of the WIISEL system have been released and validation protocols implemented.

  • The WIISEL consortium has released key results on the development of the insole textile, sensor development and sensors array prototype, electronic system prototype.

  • First insole prototypes are being tested within the consortium.

  • A consortium working meeting was held in CETEMMSA the 23-24 April 2013 to progress in all technical tasks and start setting validation protocols.

  • The WIISEL consortium had an internal meeting the 3rd December 2012, followed by a review by the European Commission in Brussels

  • The third WIISEL consortium meeting took place in Barcelona, in the premises of UAB, the 2nd-3rd October 2012.

  • The WIISEL consortium is disseminating the project to all interested communities at European level. Some examples: Doctors 2.0 & You Conference 2012, III Catalano-French ICT and Health Event, 3th AAL Italian Forum, International Conference in Organic Electronics 2012, International Society for Posture & Gait Research 20th International Congress... (detail of events and publications): link

  • WIISEL participates in a concertation meeting organized by the European Commission, with the aim of sharing experiences between research projects on fall detection and prevention, and building common strategies for ensuring high impact at socio-economic level (April 2012).

  • The second WIISEL consortium meeting took place in Galway, Ireland the 1st-2nd March 2012.

  • The WIISEL Kick Off Meeting took place the 7-8 November 2011: press release